Advent Devotional Week One Questions

The theme for this week’s scripture and questions will be: The Inn…Making Room – HOPE. Shape your response around one of the questions or Scripture ideas for this week, or let the theme inspire you. Include a picture if you want. If this week’s questions do not spark, a new set of questions will be posted each week until November 7th. Please Click Here if you are interested in signing up for this week. Please submit all devotions to before November 14th for the devotional to be created.

Potential Scripture verses to ground your reflection for this week: Baruch 5:1-5 (in The Apocrypha), Luke 1:78-79, John 14:27
1. What ways have you or the church made a place at the table in a creative way?
2. How have you witnessed out of the box thinking in ways that bring peace to yourself or others?
3. When you’ve experienced or witnessed feeling fear or “not enough” how, then, did you find God’s peace or offer it to others?