Pura Vida – Virtual Build

    Our FUMC Virtual Build is scheduled for June 6 – 10, 2022

    Anyone wanting to join us on this virtual trip to Guatemala can visit the Pura Vida website at puravida.org/fumc.  This years build is scheduled for June 6th through 10th.

    Officially join the FUMC team to receive daily updates the week of the build, exclusive access to photos and videos, and your name on the trip webpage if you would like. In addition, you will receive status updates prior, during, and after build week until the home is completed and dedicated. The cost to join the team is $250 which goes towards the materials and local labor required to build the house. We are looking for 32 team members to fully fund the build, but any donation is very much appreciated.

    A Home for Juana and her Family

    Juana Gomez Tiu, 45, works as a maid to provide for her family.  She has two children, Jesus (15) and Brenda (12), a nephew Rudy (22) and her mother (72) all living under the same roof.  The family currently lives in a rented house made of adobe and sheet metal. We will be providing them with their own home in Quiché; a two room house made of cinder block.  Each room has a window and a front door that can be locked.

    Below are some photos of the family and their current living conditions.

    As a side note, Juana’s son, Rudy, is a sponsored student in Pura Vida’s scholarship program and has been since 2016.  Providing scholarships to children living in rural Guatemala with a desire to continue their education but with limited resources is a prime focus for Pura Vida.  To learn more about this program, visit the Pura Vida website.

    Looking to the Future

    Plans for in-person trips to Guatemala are in the works! Other churches that have been waiting since 2020 (FUMC, Loveland was the only construction team to travel to Guatemala in 2020) are chomping at the bit and are make plans for trips later in the year.  We normally travel in February, so sometime around May, look for announcements in The Window and elsewhere about our plans to travel.  Rumor has it that we will be teaming up with Longs Peak UMC in Longmont … and yes, that is Jeremiah’s church!